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[HTX33C-10] Room Sensor

- MEMS technology
- Compact & Slim Size
- Self Calibration Function


HUMITRON® HTX33C is an optimized line of product for measuring of temperature & humidity at indoor environment, such as clean room, computer room and museum. It is convenient to communicate with upper
monitoring & control system (PC-HMI, PLC). Also, its simple structure and elegant design is harmonized with the surroundings.

- MEMS technology
- Compact & Slim Size
- Self Calibration Function

- Air Handling System - Clean Room
- IDC Center & Computer Room
- Dehumidifier
- Humidifier
- Constant Temp.& Humidity Unit
- Building Automation
- Botanical Garden & Farm
- R&D Center / Laboratory
- Museum / Exhibition Hall
- Industry (Production / Storage)
- Semi-Conductor, LCD
- Electric Railway / Train
- Pharmacy / Food
- Factory Automation
- Rotary Machine
- Environmental Detection System
- Climate
- Road
- BTS (Base Transceiver Station)

Humidity Working Range 0...95%RH
Accuracy at 25°C ±3.0%RH(30...70%RH), ±4.0%RH(10...90%RH)
Repeatability ±0.1%RH
Response 최대10초 : 1/e (63%) at 25°C, 1m/s air
Output 4...20mA(0...100%RH)
Temperature Working Range -5...55 °C
Accuracy at 25°C ±0.4 °C
Repeatability ±0.1 °C
Response 5...30초, 1/e (63%)
Output 4...20mA (0...50°C)
Passive Output Type of T-Sensor, please see ordering guide
Self Diagnostic Sensor Element Error Detection
Voltage Supply 9…32Vdc
Dimension (WxHxDmm 85×100×25 (mm)
Wiring Method Terminal Block 14...22AWG
Storage Condition -25...60°C, Non-condensation
Operating Condition -5...55°C, 0...95%RH
Housing PC-ABS
Weight 30g

■ Housing / Mounting Dimension

■ Connection Diagram